Our Thoughts on the Final Book of the Legend Series, CHAMPION

It’s been over a week since the third and final book of the Legend trilogy was released, and maybe you’ve held off on reading it for one reason or another.  Maybe you’re scared of reading how it will end, or maybe you’re still catching up on other books (of which we can certainly understand), or maybe you just have to wait for that next paycheck.

Whatever the reason, we’re going to give you some of our thoughts on the final book that could encourage you to make Champion the next book for you to read.

No spoilers!


Nat’s Review:

The introduction of some new characters and areas are not too expansive to where you feel lost. The focus is still maintained on the characters that we know and love as well as the situations that we’re familiar with already. That’s not saying there isn’t growth in the world that Marie has created, because there certainly is, but she just doesn’t overwhelm, or basically tease, you with what else is going outside of June and Day’s perspective. She gives you enough glimpses of life outside of the Rebuplic and the Colonies to make it interesting for you, but still manages to contain the world enough to where you don’t get confused. 

The war and the politics and how this future is really makes sense to me. There’s a lot of devices and things in there that we are familiar with and I can see how the future that Marie has created can be conceived from the politics and the technology and military of today’s culture. What I like the most about this part is that there is not really one area or city or territory that is vastly superior to the others, although a case could be made about one certain territory in particular, but still, I’m sure there are flaws there as well. That might be one thing that the young adults could really learn from this book as far as countries go. Neither the Republic nor the Colonies are favored in the way the people are being treated in either society, and there’s much to learn about that that could be seen in today’s society. 

Day and June. Oh, my dear Day and my dear June. There was nothing that they said or did that strayed away from what we already knew of them. They both harbor very strong feelings for each other. They both harbor strong doubts about the other and they both are challenged with the thought of whether they can even be together if they really wanted to. There was the established consequences of their past actions towards each other and their families, so of course, there’s always that “elephant in the room” for these two. How Marie deals with that in this book is pretty amazing – both heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. 

I ended the book with tears in my eyes, from both sorrow and joy. Sorrow for what was lost, and joy for what was to come. I found hope again, too. It was earned in one of the most sacrificial ways possible. Deservedly so, I think. So, yes, I can see hope for a future that would fill in those losses with love and fulfillment. 

You can read the full review here.

Kait’s Review:

The problem with YA series (I want to write “seri”, even though that’s wrong) as a whole is that endings get tricky. Everyone wants to be shocking and thrilling and unexpected. In doing so, authors sometimes seem to lose sight of what it’s all about. Thankfully, Marie Lu is not one of those authors! She gives us action and twists without completely throwing out the rule book and THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS!

CHAMPION picks up several months after PRODIGY. Impending peace between the Republic and the Colonies comes to a screeching halt when the Republic’s plague, once believed to be contained, begins spreading throughout the Colonies. With a powerful new ally on their side, the Colonies prepare to overtake the Republic.

Politics are a much bigger part of the story in CHAMPION, but they’re an exciting part. Day and June’s personal battles are entwined with politics so deeply that your heart aches for one or both of them whenever a political struggle surfaces. Both characters are torn between saving the Republic and doubting it can ever be fixed. But alongside all the politics comes the heart-stopping action everyone loves from this trilogy. Things never get dull. Ten points to the author who knows how to balance out a story!

The one thing that confused me politically is The Patriots. You never really find out how they got to where they stand and why they choose to give up their former goal of reforming the United States. Did they forget all about it just because they were used under false pretenses in PRODIGY? All the same, I love their involvement in this book. Pascao and Tess are my buddies now!

Without giving too much away, this book gives us some insight into how the rest of the world works. The ravaged Republic and the commercialized Colonies are great settings, but seeing how the not-so-war-torn world functions really puts things into perspective and makes it even better.

Best part? The ending was pretty superb! No, things don’t wrap themselves up in neat little packages. But it’s beautiful and touching. The epilogue killed me, in the absolute best way possible. It pulled at my heartstrings but ultimately left me with HOPE.

You can read the full review here.

Marie Lu’s CHAMPION Named One of the Best YA Books of 2013 by Amazon



Congratulations to Marie Lu for her book, Champion, being named one of the best YA books of 2013 by Amazon.com!  It was listed among 19 other notable YA novels.

Marie Lu’s Playlist for CHAMPION

Marie Lu posted on her Tumblr her playlist of songs during the drafting and revising of Champion.  I’ve gathered them up for you to listen to here.

She by Abney Park

We Are Pilots by Shiny Toy Guns

Soldiers by Drowning Pool

Mad World cover by Gary Jules

Those Without Fear by Audiomachine

Do You Hear the People Sing from Les Miserables

Illuminati by Audiomachine

I Can’t Make You Love Me cover by Bon Iver

Dragon Rider by Two Steps from Hell

Last Agni-Kai from Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Boy Who Trapped the Sun by Cooper Down

Imagine by John Lennon

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

Promise by Thomas Bergerson

You can read about why she chose these songs here.

LEGEND Author Marie Lu On Tour for CHAMPION

marie-lu-champion-booktourMarie Lu is currently on tour for the third and final book of the Legend series, Champion.  She’s already hit Connecticut and Florida, and here’s the list of where she’ll be the rest of the tour.

  • Thursday, Nov. 14, at 7:00 PM
    Signing at Provo Library, 550 N. University Ave, Provo, UT 84601
  • Friday, Nov. 15, at 7:00 PM
    Signing at Alamosa Books, 8810 Holly Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87122
  • Saturday, Nov. 16, at 7:00 PM
    Signing at Tattered Cover, 2526 E. Colfax Ave, Denver, CO

Meet her at one of these stops to get your Legend book(s) signed!  And if you’ve finished Champion, then I hope you can give her a big thanks and a hug for a successful end to a wonderful story.

The Final Book of Marie Lu’s LEGEND Trilogy, CHAMPION, Is Now Available!


It’s November 5th, Legend fans!  Are you ready for the feels of Champion, the third and final book of the series?!?!?  I know I’m probably not, but I’m going to read it anyway.  I need to know, and you’re probably thinking the same thing.  So, get your book now!



Marie Lu Posts CHAMPION Quotes 3 Weeks Before Release Day


It’s now less than 3 weeks before the release date of Champion, the 3rd and final book of the Legend trilogy.  And Marie has posted more quotes from the book just for you!

“Inside that smile, I think I see glimpses of a different man who once existed.”

– June Iparis


“What makes you think they’re so loyal to the Republic?”

“Let me lead them,” I say. “And you’ll get your loyalty.”

– Day Wing

Quotes from Marie Lu’s CHAMPION

Marie Lu‘s third book of the Legend trilogy, Champion, is almost upon us, and Marie has most graciously teased us with three quotes:

“What’s this?”

“A butter knife.”

Day scowls at it, running a finger along the rounded edge.  “This,” he mutters, “is not a knife.”

“It’s been almost a year.  What’s wrong with me?  Why can’t I just move on?”

– Day

“After months of political bargaining, after days of war and death, I am starting to suspect everything and everyone.”

– June

LEGEND Author Marie Lu Praises LEGEND OF KORRA

lok-marie-luWhile I’m sure Marie Lu‘s preparing for the arrival of the third and final book of the Legend trilogy, Champion, which arrives in bookstores on November 5th, she was able to take some time out to talk a bit about one of the coolest shows on television, The Legend of Korra, which just started its 2nd season this month on Nickelodeon.

Here’s what she had to say:

marie-lu-sdcc-2013The World: [Season 1 of] The Legend of Korra is set in a fantasy world that resembles a steampunk 1920s Shanghai. Not only is this setting fantastically original in the world of entertainment, it is portrayed with love and care. The details are impeccable, the influences of turn-of-the-20-century East meets West coupled with a breathtaking world of elemental magic and martial arts.

The Art: The art of The Legend of Korra is top-notch, a level of production quality you just don’t see very often in TV animation. The woodcut style of the sweeping backdrops are gloriously detailed and lovingly rendered; the characters’ signature movements graceful, powerful, and picture-perfect; the characters’ facial expressions varied and precise.

The Story: The pacing is fast, but never so fast that you forget the depth of what’s happening in this world. Good and evil are nuanced here, and the politics are complex and thought-provoking. How would a city full of benders (workers of elemental magic) and non-benders interact? How would they clash? Is there any clear divide between right and wrong? It is within this tumultuous setup that Korra, the headstrong new Avatar who can wield all four elements, must find a way to grow into the leader she’s expected to be. Which leads me to the best reason to watch The Legend of Korra

You can read the rest of what she has to say at Hypable.

Champion comes out November 5, 2013, and concludes the tale of rebel Day Wing and soldier June Iparis in a dystopic former United States, as they frustratingly work together to bring peace to their divided country.

Check Out The Book Trailer for Marie Lu’s Finale to the LEGEND Trilogy, CHAMPION


The final book for the Legend trilogy is less than 2 months away, and here’s the book trailer to Marie Lu‘s Champion!

LEGEND Author Marie Lu Talks CHAMPION With USA Today *Spoilers*


Marie Lu has obviously been quiet about where the Legend trilogy will end up in the final book, Champion.  And those of you who read Prodigy will know that there may be some trepidation going into the third book.  Well, I can’t say that there would be any less trepidation from what she stated in the USA Today article.  In fact, some people may be downright scared for what will happen with our favorite character(s), especially with a statement like “I hope people still like me after the ending!  I’m honestly not entirely sure if I’m going to be getting a lot of hate mail, but we’ll see what happens.”

If you are scared, don’t worry, because I’m right there with you!  But hey, at least you have until November to prepare yourself mentally for another piece of your heart possibly breaking.  Here’s some of what was discussed in that interview:

WARNING: Spoilers involved if you haven’t read Prodigy yet.  

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