High School Celebrates LEGEND Trilogy

Marie Lu visited Segerstrom High School in Santa Ana, CA today and was met by a whirlwind of creativity from the students!

Check out how they expressed their love for LEGEND!





Way to go, Segerstrom!

LEGEND Fan Art: Day and June

We know there are some ridiculously talented artists out there in the fandom, but we were really struck by this collaboration  between Ari and Brynne depicting Day and June in a lovestruck moment!


LEGEND Author Marie Lu Wants Your Crossover Fan Art


(Alina by mseregon, Legend by Marie Lu, Korra by Erica, The Walking Dead by Brian Robot Jameson

As we stated in a previous post, Marie Lu will be at the Barnes & Noble book store at the Grove in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 26th, with Shadow and Bone author Leigh Bardugo, Avatar and Legend of Korra creator Mike DiMartino, and The Walking Dead Co-EP Seth Hoffman.  If you’re attending (which I hope to try myself) and you like drawing, then you might be interested in this tweet by Marie:

How cool is that?!  Of course, this type of crossover may need some out-there creativity, as you it’s not generally known that characters from Avatar or Legend of Korra frequent the lots of The Walking Dead.  However, artists tend to have a very creative mind anyway.

So, get at it, and post it on Tumblr!  They might get it signed for you and even shower you with other gifts as well.  Who knows when it comes to these authors.

LEGEND Fan Art: Day, by Cassandra Jean

Cassandra Jean hasn’t finished reading the books, but that didn’t stop her from creating this amazingly beautiful image of Daniel “Day” Wing!

I adore Cassandra Jean’s artistic style, and her art is very well known in the The Mortal Instruments community as she’s created so many images of the characters from Cassandra Clare’s multiple series’.  I’m glad that she’s taken up another series, though, and I hope that we get to see more of her fan art of the characters from the Legend series as well!  I mean, who wouldn’t want more images of Day or June, right?

Check out Cassandra Jean on Tumblr.

‘LEGEND’ Fan Art: “Legend – Day” by ~walkingnorth


With such awesome characters like Daniel “Day” Wing to grace the pages of the ‘Legend’ trilogy, it’s not wonder that we want to walk in the light of him.  And now that the sequel, ‘Prodigy,’ debuted at #2 in the New York Times Bestseller List, I’m hoping we’ll get more art depicting this character, his love interest, June Iparis, and pretty much anyone else in the books.  

via Legend – Day by ~walkingnorth on deviantART.

LEGEND Fan Art: Day’s Face by *mree

Day's Face by *mree on deviantART

by mree

Prodigy, book two of the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu, is scheduled to be released next week (January 29, 2013).  Here is one of the main characters, drawn by the author herself!  I can say that this truly the perfect version of how I imagined Day to look like, and I’m not saying that because it’s drawn by Marie.  I just love how she was able to give him just the right amount of Asian features in his appearance.  There truly aren’t enough unique characters like him, both physically and characteristically.  

If you haven’t read Legend yet, then I highly recommend that you do.  For those of you who are anticipating Prodigy, well, you can read my review of it here.  No spoilers, I promise.

Day’s Face by *mree on deviantART.

Link to reblog on Tumblr.

LEGEND Fan Art: June Iparis by ~walkingnorth

Legend – June Iparis by ~walkingnorth on deviantART.

This is one tough girl.  It would be interesting to see how they would create such a dystopian steampunk world.  It’s a good book, too.  Read it!

LEGEND Fan Art: Day and June by mree

By mree on DeviantArt

It’s not often that the author can draw up her own characters.  The awesome Marie Lu!